We've got the full extended version of Michael Jackson's BILLIE JEAN only on Helicopter Karaoke!! Join Matt Barnes, Kamari Copeland and AJ Rafael as they soar and sing through the skies! 

11/22/16 - Join Matt and Nerdy Pop special guests Kamari Copeland and AJ Rafael in our first edition of HELICOPTER KARAOKE! Don't forget to check out MORE videos from this day on both of our special guests channels listed below!

We've got the first peek preview of the brand new Youngblood Comics by Rob Liefeld and he shares the first few pages of Comic book #1! 

We've got another DEATHMATCH for you, and this time it's HORROR movies! Find out Rob Liefeld's and Matt Barne's top 5 scariest movies and vote for your number 1 scary movie on our Twitter poll! Vote now @nerdypopshow 

The guys bring in their Star Wars goodies, including comic con exclusive Star Wars toys! Check out the first Rogue One action figure... and also Star Wars Thumb Wars? 

Check out what's on Rob Liefeld's Comic Corner this week! Here's a hint... it's a lot of DC! 

SPOILERS! The guys (Nerdy Pop co-hosts Rob Liefeld and Matt Barnes) saw an ADVANCED SCREENING of the new BLAIR WITCH MOVIE!!! This is their SPOILER FILLED review!!! (Spoiler Alert: Rob got scared!) 

Is Deathstroke related to Taskmaster?... Find out more when Rob Liefeld brings in his Taskmaster action figure bundle with Deadpool on this TOY OF THE WEEK! 

We take a look at The Whisperer War and it's connecting covers, Paper Girls, Deadpool and all of the latest and greatest of the DC Rebirth comics! 

It's DC versus Marvel at Phat Collectibles! We take two passionate audience members and pit them against each other in the greatest showdown this show has seen! Who wins? YOU DECIDE! Head over to Twitter to vote for your favorite! 

Toy of the Week is located at comic book store Phat Collectibles in Anaheim, where Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld passionately shows us 5 Ways why your Deadpool is NOT a Deathstroke! 

Take a tour on Matt's Nerdy Helicopter Ride over the grand Sixth Street Viaduct (also known as Sixth Street Bridge). Now closed for demolition and replacement, this bridge is a well-known landmark that has appeared in numerous films, tv shows, music videos and even video games since 1932!

Rob brings in his exclusive Toys of the Week, the extremely hard to find X-Men Legends Deadpool and Cable action figures. Find out how Rob got his hands on these toys! 

We get the very first exclusive about YOUNGBLOOD RETURNING from the creator of the comic himself and our Nerdy Pop co-host... ROB LIEFELD! Find out what's in store for this comic legend! 

TacoTuesday means good food in front of good tv... and we've got good tv covered. Watch Matt and Rob defend themselves in another DEATHMATCH - Star Trek Villains edition! Have your chance on this week's Social Media Monday to WIN an Original & SIGNED "Cable" Sketch by Rob Liefeld!

Get ready for an awesome edition of Toy of the Week with our Star Trek 50th Anniversary special! Matt brings in all of his Star Trek collectibles, posters and toys... and has a Trekkie surprise! Live long and prosper!

Find out what Rob Liefeld's favorite comic of the week is, and catch up on the hit comic book of the summer, PAPER GIRLS! 

1989's Ghostbusters 2 was set up to be a complete success... but it failed miserably. Find out what Rob really thinks, it's as bad as you remember! 

Watch Episode 1.06: https://youtu.be/-2R94vFlw00

The guys talk about the worst and most disappointing sequels ever. I mean... sequels are usually disappointing, but these movies really took the cake. 

Watch Episode 1.06: https://youtu.be/-2R94vFlw00

Matt gives us his Ghostbuster's Review IN the Ghostbuster's Booth at San Diego's Comic Con 2016!

Matt experiences Comic Con for the first time ever, and we follow him around to observe all of the awesome-ness and crazy-ness that is San Diego Comic Con 2016! 

Watch Episode 1.08: https://youtu.be/5hmW67cU98c

We find out what it's like to be Rob Liefeld for a day at Comic Con! Follow him around the show, his autograph signing with Stan Lee and private interview with Deadpool Director Tim Miller. 

Watch Episode 1.08: https://youtu.be/5hmW67cU98c

Follow Matt around Comic Con 2016 as he gives unsuspecting SDCC goers a surprise (a signed print of his head shot)! 

Watch Episode 1.08: https://youtu.be/5hmW67cU98c

Rob loves Steven Spielberg, but really dislikes the movie Hook! Find out why on this EXTRA from Episode 1.05. 

Watch Episode 1.05: https://youtu.be/5YHIQFduOB0

The guys play another game... Heads Up! All things Spielberg Edition. Who can guess the most correct Steven Spielberg Movies? Find out in this Extra! 

Watch Episode 1.05: https://youtu.be/5YHIQFduOB0

Rob and Matt share their top 5 KICK-ASS WOMEN in media, in this week's edition of DEATHMATCH! 

Watch Episode 1.04: https://youtu.be/NpE9yEV8V5U

Rob Liefeld gives us his extremely animated reading of the latest BATMAN REBIRTH Comic! 

Matt brings in his very first Comic Book from 4th Grade, and Rob delves into the great world of TEAM UP comics! 

Rob talks about his Mom and her love for Robert Downey Jr. in this excerpt from Episode 1.02! 

Matt really really likes Voltron! Check out this extra from Episode 1.02, where he shares his hidden Voltron collection. 

Toy of the Week: Rob brings in his Chewbacca Bandolier Strap he had as a kid, an awesome strap for holding your Star Wars action figures! 

Rob goes over the evolution of Comic Con, from attending his first Con in 1982 to attending as a pro in what is now a behemoth sized event. He walks us through his experience of FINALLY getting into HALL H and his excitement for The Avengers assembling onstage!

Watch Episode 1.01: https://youtu.be/wSce42MRF4s

As Rob's Number 1 Movie pick to see in 2016... he gives a complete 101 idiot proof guide to Dr. Strange and his predictions for the upcoming movie release!

Watch Episode 1.01: https://youtu.be/wSce42MRF4s