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This is our Nerdy News of the week, where we bring you the latest in pop culture and geeky updates on the biggest movies, TV shows and comic book events!

02/02/17 - Ben Affleck will not be directing the new Batman... Doctor Who needs a new doc... and Wolverine and Deadpool rumors? Watch the latest in nerd news! 

01/25/17 - We chat oscars, new movie Split, and the latest in Star Wars gossip... which is just the title! 

01/11/17 - Today Matt discusses the Golden Globes, Spider Man and how AMAZING La La Land is! 

01/04/17 - We're back in the Nerdy New Year to bring you what we believe is the most promising movies and TV of 2017! 

12/21/16 - This week we take a look at the success from Star War's Rogue One, the disappearance of Spider-Man and basically how much Will Smith sucks now! 

12/14/16 - This week we're very excited about the release of Rogue One, the new trailer for The Fate of the Furious (the 8th installment of The Fast and the Furious) and the return of Harley Quinn in her own movie! 

12/07/16 - Matt goes over the latest of Disney's movie takeover, Benedict Cumberbatch's nerdy kingdom and gives a heart to heart to the CW! 

11/29/16 - Matt talks Disney's takeover of Thanksgiving with their release of Moana this last weekend! We take a look at EW's latest cover of Rogue One and their behind the scene details. And, last but not least... Matt talks about the new rumors around Star Trek Discovery!

11/23/16 - Matt talks Marvel Universe rumors, gives a quick recap of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and talks all new movies from this weekend's Moana to upcoming Martin Scorsese's Silence!

11/16/16 - The Beasts take over in our first Nerdy News episode of Season 2! Matt talks about the latest Dr. Strange movie and the super exciting news of the highly anticipated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and 2017's Beauty and the Beast!

The guys walk about Marvel's Infinity War, the new Stan Lee movie and Apples latest iOS 10 release! 

This week we chat about our favorite crazy actors Shia LaBeouf and Mel Gibson, the second season of Stranger Things, and witness Rob rip apart an issue of the latest DC Rebirth Comic: Nightwing in the name of Hollywood Economics 101! 

This week we pay tribute to the great actor and comic legend Gene Wilder and take a look at Ben Affleck's behind the scenes video of himself as Death Stroke!! 

Watch the guys talk about the future of Marvel movies, something else and the dog days of the summer box office right here on the Nerdy News! 

Nerdy News is back this week with the latest weekend box office updates featuring Pete's Dragon, Sausage Party, Suicide Squad and all things Robert Downey Jr! 

Rob Liefeld gives us an exclusive insider look into the Deadpool 2 Casting Rumors. 

Rob is seriously fed up with John McTernan and his comments about comic book movies. Watch Rob rip John a new one... 

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