SPOILER ALERT! We dish all our thoughts about the latest Star Wars hit movie, ROGUE ONE! Join Matt Barnes and guests Stacy Barnes and Adam DeCarlo on this Nerdy Pop Show Special! 

We spill the beans and more on this weeks Special, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! Join our team of four Gilmore Girl experts, Nicole Solis, Jeff Bachman, Kevin Merkel and Stacy Barnes as they review and discuss the juiciest spoilers from the latest hit Netflix revival show.

Host Matt Barnes and Nerdy Pop Contributors Kaela Barnes and Jeff Bachman talk about which NEW and RETURNING shows they'll be keeping or deleting this Fall! STAY TUNED for the very end for the best part of all!!!

Episode 1.13 It's a Comic Culture Take Over on today's latest episode of THE SHOW! And Rob invents a new phrase... "Toot the Butt". 

Episode 1.12 This week the guys are at comic book store, Phat Collectibles in Anaheim! Dedicated to everything toys, comics and collectibles, we take a tour in the world of nerd-dom! 

Episode 1.11 On this week's The Show, the guys talk about Marvel on Television! Marvel has not only hit our box offices, but now taking over the TV world! 

Episode 1.11 We're celebrating the 50th Anniversary of STAR TREK! Watch the guys get really nerdy... (mostly Matt) about their number 1 movie/tvshow/nerdy thing! 

Matt & Rob are back from vacation and Comic Con! Watch them reminisce about their awesome SDCC exclusive toys and collectibles and talk about the new Star Trek Discovery, Stranger Things and all of the great disappointments of summer 2016. 

Nerdy Pop goes to Comic-Con in this awesome super special! Follow Matt as he experiences Comic Con for the first time ever, and watch a day in the life of Rob Liefeld as we accompany the Comic Con veteran around his various signings and interview with Deadpool Director Tim Miller.

The Comic Con Survival Guide! It's almost time for Comic Con 2016, and we're so excited to go! Rob fills Matt in on all the tips and tricks he will need to know to survive the con! 

The guys introduce a new segment - Matt and Rob Save Hollywood, discuss great Movie Sequels and the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go. 

Matt and Rob dedicate their show to the man, the myth, and the legend... Steven Spielberg! Watch their game of Head's Up! And check out the one of a kind Signed Deadpool Limited Edition Mondo Print! 

The guys review Game of Throne's most Epic Season 6 Finale, Independence Day, The Shallows, and debate about the most KICK ASS WOMEN in media! Stay tuned for an awesome Deadpool SUPER PACK giveaway. 

Matt and Rob delve into the DC Universe, discuss the Batman v Superman movie, and dive into their thoughts and predictions for upcoming DC movies like Suicide Squad! 

The guys talk about the future of the X-Men Universe and share their thoughts about X-Men's latest movie... X-Men: Apocalypse. Stay tuned for a juicy Deadpool giveaway. 

Welcome to Nerdy Pop's first episode- an introduction and taster of our Nerdy Pop web series! The guys give a preview of the upcoming hit movies of the Summer, make predictions for Comic-Con, and chat about DC Rebirth.